Brian works on raising awareness of the trade-off between economic growth and environmental protection, economic sustainability, national security, and international stability. Beginning with his Ph.D. research in the 1990’s, Czech became the leading figure in the ecological macroeconomics of biodiversity conservation. He then contributed key contributions to the field of ecological economics, including the “trophic theory of money” and “steady statesmanship” in national politics and international diplomacy. Czech lead efforts in the U.S. Society for Ecological Economics, The Wildlife Society, Society for Conservation Biology, American Society of Mammalogists, Ecological Society of America, and America Fisheries Society to develop a unified position on economic growth.

His 2013 book, Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution, is one of the most comprehensive and accessible titles on steady state economics. Czech is a highly effective communicator;

Publisher’s Weekly said of his first book (Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train) that “Czech is as good at popularizing economics as Carl Sagan was science” despite the fact that Czech was and is primarily an ecological scientist and secondarily an ecological economist. Czech and CASSE are striving to shift the current focus and obsession on GDP growth of conventional politics and economics.

Brian hosts initiatives such as Keep Our Counties Great, Real Green in the Green New Deal, Steady State Economics for the K12 Curriculum, etc., and collaborating in initiatives such as Harmony With Nature (UN) and the Kiev Communique (with Ukraine against the Nord 2 Pipeline).

B.S. in wildlife ecology, University of Wisconsin, M.S. in wildlife science, University of Washington, Ph.D. in Renewable Natural Resources Studies (Political Science minor), Certified Wildlife Biologist. Eco-Champion Award from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (2018), Post-Growth Institute’s Top 100 Inspirational Leaders List (2012), Ecoearth’s Eco-Hero Award (2011) U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Star Award (2000, 2010)

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